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Some News Items...

I haven't updated the blog here in some time, namely because graduate school kept me exceedingly busy and my thyroid hasn't been fantastic to me lately. We've got a few news items to get through, though, so let's take care of that before my thyroid makes me fall asleep:

  • The comic has an official Tumblr account! You can follow that here. You can ask the cast questions, too - they'll be delighted to talk to people who are actually alive!
  • I've been attempting to get some summer internships, but to no avail. I've only finished one semester of graduate school and I can't imagine that internships are willing to take such an inexperienced archivist yet. In one year, though, I imagine things are going to be different, but it's a bit frustrating. On the flip side, it's nice to have a break. My thyroid needs it.
  • I'm open to doing art trades! I do draw two comics a week (and work on other projects in the meantime), but I love doing art trades very very much and I'm always open to them. I generally do get them done within the week.

There's really nothing else to add here, so here's a silly thing or two that I've drawn:

Until I remember to update the blog again!

by 1863_project

I haven't updated this in a while...

First off, I love all of you who are currently giving me silly ideas and enabling me over at Tumblr. You're all making me laugh a lot. Don't be surprised if your ideas actually make it into the story, guys.

Secondly, I haven't written a blog post here in a while, so I guess here's what you can expect from this silly comic going forward:

  • The next chapter involves double act relationship counseling.
  • The chapter after that is about Joe E. Brown and Buster Keaton reviving the Comedians Baseball Team from those charity games in the 1930s and '40s.
  • Then we have more relationship counseling...
  • And then a chapter in which Chaplin is kidnapped by Director Heaven and the comedians have to rescue him.
  • And finally, a chapter in which everyone else gangs up on Buster to try to get him to corpse. Sorry, Buster, I had to.

In between the chapters, I'm going to stick in some shorts because quite a few of these folks were used to working in sketch form or in two-reelers and know how to tell short stories really well. Planned ones include:

  • Discovering brainfreeze
  • All The Single Reelers (a.k.a. Roscoe, Buster and Al impersonate the All The Single Ladies dance)
  • 50 Shades of Groucho (the Marx Brothers discover 50 Shades of Grey)
  • This boy band thing that Tumblr has basically convinced me must be done

I'm sure there will be more as I continue to come up with weird ideas. And keep your ideas coming - I'm going to hire you all as my gag men at this rate. I love you to death.

by 1863_project

The current CH playlist...

I'm one of those people who makes playlists to listen to when she's writing and drawing specific projects. The Historians and Londinium both have their own playlists, so it was only natural that CH would get one, as well. It currently stands here:

Yes, that number 14 is a real song and I think it should totally be played at my wedding.

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I messed with the layout a bit...

I'm starting to get the hang of HTML and CSS, so I fiddled with the site's layout for a while and made a few small changes. The only one I ended up keeping was adding links at the top since adding a sidebar to this layout really wasn't working out. At the very least, I'm on my way to getting better at editing stuff.

Pages 6, 7 and 8 were drawn this week and have been scanned in, so I'll be touching them up and adding text to queue them up tomorrow. In the meantime, page 4 runs tomorrow (and introduces the owner of my favorite hair to draw in this comic, amongst other things).

I also wrote a post about Joe E. Brown over at my comedy blog, which you can read here if you're so inclined.

And for the rare people reading this comic - I love you. Thank you for tolerating me.

by 1863_project

So this should be starting soon...

It's in the works. It's just going to take a little bit of time to get set up and get the first couple of arcs laid out before I begin drawing this.

A lot of my preliminary sketches for this thing have ended up on Nabyn, where I've got a sketchbook devoted to the project! You can look at those here.

Anyhow, hopefully pages will start appearing by the end of the month! Just tolerate me whilst I finish getting things all set up. Soon the characters page will be ready, too - I just have a lot of comedians to draw and write little profiles for still.

Until staring at the splash page?